Four reasons why it makes sense to hire a web designer

Four reasons why it makes sense to hire a web designer

Just like every other successful business, small business owners want good digital representation. With savings in mind, you may look for cheap solutions and try to design and manage your own digital space. With so many seemingly inexpensive website platforms available, moving in this direction may appear to make the most sense. Sure, going at it alone might save money in the short term. However, this approach doesn’t take into account all the skills needed and the time required to effectively create a company’s digital expression. The vast majority of business owners quickly find out it makes more sense to leave the job to a professional. 

Spending evenings and weekends trying to understand more complex digital business operations like email management, ad creation, graphic design or adwords management isn’t the best way to propel your business. Doing this takes your focus off your top line business objectives and instead puts you in the figurative weeds trying to implement strategies that a professional could tackle more efficiently and with a greater degree of success. To truly make a successful business, your time should be focused on larger strategic goals, not the tactical execution needed to reach those goals. 

Do you really have the time to learn how you’ll design and set up your website? While platforms like Wix or Square advertise as being easy for anyone to master, the reality is they take more time and effort than it may appear. Do you have the time and energy required to learn how to effectively market your website? Do you have the time to properly cultivate your company’s social awareness? For most business owners, the honest answer is no.

Here are four reasons why you should hire a professional to handle all your digital channels. 

Time Savings

time savingsLet’s face it – we all wish we had more time. If you are a small business owner, this is especially true. You spend hours working on your product(s) and services. More hours are spent reviewing profit and loss statements, pouring over tax documents or processing payroll. If you have employees, you are no doubt involved with managing and inspiring your staff. The “different hats” you wear are seemingly endless. One hat many small business owners are tempted to wear is the website developer hat. However, just like any other profession, web development done right takes considerable investment and skills. The reason tax consultants, product manufacturing facilities and product development companies exist is because they specialize in what they do. The same is true of web designers and developers. For most small business owners, your time can be better spent focusing on high level strategy and business development. Finding and utilizing a website developer can save you endless hours of potential frustration. 

Paying twice to get the right results

don't pay twiceIt’s tempting to use one of the “easy” website creation platforms to create a company website. You might even try setting up your own Shopify ecommerce store. However, the vast majority of these solutions end up delivering a product that looks and functions like what you paid for. Too often these templated sites will look cookie cutter in design, won’t perform well on mobile, have subpar functionality and lack a unique branded look and feel. Many budget-minded companies end up paying twice for their digital channels. They pay for the cheap solution the first time, and then they pay a professional a second time to get the job done right. The smart approach is to pay a professional for skills which would take you considerable time and effort to obtain.  


Integrating complex functionalities is difficult 

Oftentimes websites will need more than just a couple of pages with some text and content. Depending on the complexity of the service or product that your company provides there could be a host of other functionalities that may be needed. More complex functionalities may include:

  • Email Management
  • Drip Funnels
  • Lead Magnets
  • Customer Reviews
  • Company Reviews
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Shopping Cart
  • Subscriptions
  • Social Media Set Up and Integration
  • Setting up and managing Adwords campaigns

Why take the time and resources to figure out the best practice on how to integrate and manage any of these more complex functions when a professional can quickly and efficiently do it for you? Again, put your time where it is best spent, on high level business development and strategy.

Ongoing support and marketing outreach management 

Four reasons why it makes sense to hire a web designerCreating the website and the functionalities are just the beginning. The real work begins once your website is ready to go. Attracting and acquiring customers or clients takes cultivation and persistence. Similar to using a professional to build your website foundation, you’ll also likely want to use a professional to manage your social outreach, update your graphics, create and track email campaigns, add more robust functionalities to your online offerings and deal with website related issues which inevitably pop up. If you don’t have an in-house team devoted to all these jobs, it’s best to cultivate a relationship with an agency or individual that can provide a solid digital component to your company. Doing that can save you hours and days of frustrating time which could be better spent working on your actual product or service. 

Hiring a digital professional makes sense

Small business owners usually don’t have huge budgets or large teams. They often will try to cut corners where they can. Creating and managing digital channels is one area that businesses will try to save money. While it might seem like this is an effective strategy, in the end, the vast majority of companies ultimately end up reaching out to an agency or individual with the skills and knowledge they don’t have. They’ll oftentimes end up spending double the amount it would have cost had they chosen to hire a professional right out of the gates. If you are serious about creating and sustaining digital channels for your company, it might be best to consider hiring a professional team to get you off on the right track from the beginning. 



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